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What Is Your Skin Saying To You?

What Is Your Skin Saying To You?

With my Doctor of Naturopath studies combined with my career as an Esthetician, I have learned to decipher the language of the skin. I’m like a skin whisperer that hears your skin’s sighs and cries for attention. The language of the skin is systematic and the skin speaks the loudest through our 5 waste organs in the body. The Face Zone chart below shows the location of the waste organs and will allow you to diagnose yourself to locate your imbalances.

There are 5 waste organs in the body. These include the Skin, Liver, Colon, Kidneys and the Lungs. Let’s take a closer look at their functions and how it relates to our skin.


The liver’s nickname is the ‘wine and dine area’ and the liver works to absorb and filter toxins, such as drugs, alcohol and poisons before neutralizing them. The Liver Zone is located in the area between your eyes (the same area as the #11’s where you may be injecting Botox, a neurotoxin). Yes, Botox may work to mask these lines, but it’s just a cover-up for stress the Liver may be experiencing. Look for deep lines (the #11’s), blemishes and dryness in this area as it indicates liver stress in its efforts to process the overload of wine, alcohol, and rich fatty foods.


The first thing I learned on my way to become a doctor of naturopath, is that ‘Death begins in the colon’. Your colon is responsible for eliminating waste. The colon is a long muscular tube (over 5 feet in length!) and uses fiber to move waste material out efficiently. The quicker the body can process foods and eliminate toxins the better. Unfortunately, our American diet of refined sugars, white breads, and over processed foods create a lack of real fiber. Lack of fiber slows down the transit time of the waste to be removed from the colon which allows the body to reabsorb these toxic by-products. Waste that is reabsorbed by the colon can lead to systemic problems like migraines, acne, chronic fatigue, etc. To check your Colon Zone, look at the dark ring found around the iris of both your eyes. A healthy colon will show up as a thin, even line without bulges around the iris of the eyes.


A primary channel of elimination. Kidneys extract the water from the blood, excess minerals, and toxic chemicals. Poor kidney function appears as edema, tissue swelling, kidney stones and water retention. The skin area that reflects your Kidney Zone health is under the eyes. Both dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can indicate kidney weakness, lack of water, lack of restful REM sleep and kidney overload in processing alcohol, wine, etc. In fact look at your skin about 8 hours after consuming alcohol, wine etc. If your body is struggling to process alcohol, you will notice an increase of the fine feathery lines around the eyes, the appearance of dehydration and pronounced nasal labial folds lining the mouth.


We know that humans will die without oxygen. In fact, the body can go without oxygen for only 6 minutes before we would perish. Oxygen is needed to purify our blood and required by our cells for cellular respiration. It is our highway of capillaries that nourish our cells with oxygen rich blood. Capillaries are not really ‘broken’ but distended and weakened allowing blood to escape through the vessels, called capillary hemorrhaging. Capillary hemorrhaging appears on the face as redness or a flushed face and can mimic the appearance of rosacea. Eating sugar can also effect microcirculation and cause our skin to sag as it destroys our collagen that gives skin its plump, youthful appearance. Not surprising but the Lung Zone is located on the cheek area.


Our skin is the most reflective waste organ in our body, meaning its protective shield is visible to the outside world. It’s also closely attached to our vanity! Beautiful, healthy skin is plump, super hydrated, soft, smooth, and blemish free. While our skin ages naturally from within, it’s the outside environment and overly aggressive practices that do the most damage. Your skin’s protective shield is made up of sweat from your eccrine glands and sebum from your sebaceous glands. This ‘film’ is perfectly balanced to protect the skin. It is when we alter our skins protective barrier that we allow invaders to penetrate and disrupt this innate balance. Excessive use of low acid peels, rotary brushes, harsh exfoliants, chemical peels and alkaline soaps break through our natural defenses. The skin naturally exfoliates on its own and renews itself at its own pace in a perfect rhythm. Over stimulation of the skin’s surface can cause internal cellular inflammation – the leading cause of aging.

Using the face chart take a look at your face in the mirror. Look for blemishes, inflammation, lines, wrinkles, discolorations, age spots, etc. Keep in mind having lines or marks in the waste zone areas doesn’t necessarily indicate a medical condition, but it does give you a chance to re-evaluate your daily habits and make some healthy changes.

And if you listen real close you will hear the skin whisper ‘thank you!


About the Author

Kim Lee

Kim Lee, ND MH

Pevonia Corporate Educator

Earning a Doctor of Naturopath degree, Master Herbalist and beauty license, Kim Lee is a sought out Educator and Consultant in the natural health and beauty industries. Crediting her proven track record to her synergistic approach of incorporating sales and education, Kim’s hands-on expertise has benefited elite spas, resorts, physicians and wellness centers world-wide. Her experience also includes the conceptualization and development of customized health, fitness, and wellness programs.

Working with prestige accounts, Kim has helped implement signature programs such as WorkFit!; Body, Mind and Baby; Savvy Sales Speak ; Model Teen and most recently, a well-fit menu for fitness clubs. Kim’s belief is that the spa industry is perfectly poised to lead the movement of natural healing of ourselves and our planet.