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Water: The Pevonia Difference

Water: The Pevonia Difference

Since inception nearly three decades ago, Pevonia Natural Skincare’s philosophy has been eco-driven. As a company, we have always believed that the most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source – nature – and all of our core practices are aligned with this foundational creed.

Pevonia Sustainable Processes

Pevonia has always implemented highly sustainable processes consistent with our stance on environmental conservation. Our award-winning formulas incorporate purified water combined with natural green technologies for eco-conscious sustainability and increased results. This brand-proprietary approach ensures that our products are biodegradable and in turn, truly safe for the environment.

As part of our green technological standards, all of Pevonia’s botanical extracts are derived from renewable plant sources and utilize innovative biotechnology. One of the many advantages of sustainable Pevonia’s biotechnology practice includes the use of marginal amounts of plant tissue gently scraped from the plant source. This eco-conscious process helps preserve the plant’s tissue for a better and healthier extract without damaging the plant itself or endangering any botanical species. The use of this technology aids in the removal of pollution from our soils, water, and air while ensuring that there is no negative impact on the environment so that it remains unharmed. In fact, by 2030, the World Wildlife Fund estimates that Biotechnology “has the potential to save the planet up to 2.5 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The Pevonia Difference

In addition, Pevonia is committed to compounding its emulsions using only the purest and cleanest water to care for your skin well-being. Water is likely the most important element of an emulsion and provides hydration, helps with the delivery of ingredients, and cools and soothes the skin. Water is also the vehicle of life, as it is a vital functional element for all the cellular components of the skin. Typical water contains elements and micro-organisms that can lead to residue buildup within the follicle, causing congestion. Pevonia’s dedication to using only perfectly sterilized and purified water with no minerals, chlorine, microorganisms, foreign particles or residues ensures the skin is left completely clean, clear and hydrated.

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About The Author

Melissa Morris, LE, FS
Pevonia Corporate Educator

Melissa Morris has been a licensed Skin Care Specialist since 2004. During her illustrious career, she has worked with some of the nation’s most renowned physicians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologic surgeons, wellness experts, nutritionists, aestheticians and trainers in the industry. Mrs. Morris’ vast experience has gained her recognition as an industry leader and innovator in the management of medical and health facilities and spas; protocol development; basic and advanced educational program implementation and oversight. She has also developed and enhanced technical skills curriculum for the clinical, spa, medical spa and wellness industry. She is an accomplished contributor and advisor to numerous professional publications including, Day Spa Magazine, Skin Inc., Dermascope and American Spa.

Mrs. Morris serves as Corporate Educator for Pevonia and Medicalia International, LLC. She works directly under the supervision of world-renowned industry leader and biochemist, Sylvie Hennessey. In her role, Mrs. Morris travels extensively, both domestically and internationally, sharing her extensive knowledge and passion for the spa and wellness industry, while promoting her mission of skin health and results-oriented skin care to a wide array of industry professionals.