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Things You Should Be Doing At Work

Things You Should Be Doing At Work

Living a complete beauty full lifestyle includes all aspects of your life, work included. In order to live the fullest and most well-rounded life, it’s important to remember that you should want to strive to be your healthiest, and personal best at work too!

Here I share my top four must-do’s for workplace success:


Communicate Effectively

Effective communication can come in many forms, and it is important to ensure your communication in all aspects of your workplace are professional, clear, and precise. An effective communicator listens just as much as she does speak, and doesn’t always control the conversation.


Make Work Count

No matter the size of the project, to-do, or assignment making your work count (BIG or small) is vital to your overall success. If “it’s good enough” is a phrase often part of your vocabulary, you may want to consider revamping your work-style. Always strive to send the best of every task you set to accomplish…hard work won’t go unnoticed.

If at the end of the work day you don’t love what you do…make a change. Whether you’re tired of the work you’re doing, not passionate about the field of work, or just aren’t a fan of your boss…make a lifestyle change for the better.


Practice Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships are one of the main keys to workplace success. Sometimes we see the people we work with more than we do our family… so be sure workplace relationships are healthy ones.

Your Boss

It’s important to remember that your boss can help shape your career in your workplace, so be your personal best at all times. Don’t gossip, slack off, or do something unprofessional at work, EVER.

Your Co-Worker

You may become friends or even relationships with co-workers outside of work, but always be sure to keep your work and life friendships separate while at work. Don’t hook up on the clock, gossip about others, or play favorites while at work. Be responsible and dependable…and most importantly, avoid workplace drama.


Make Workplace Rules

Make yourself a list of rules to follow at your job. Here are a few of mine:

  • Always be on time. (15 minutes early!)
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Take Notes.
  • Organize & Prioritize
  • Leave drama at the door.
  • Don’t slack off.

Applying these simple, but important rules will not only improve and make for healthy work habits, performance, and productivity, but it will also reduce your levels of stress!