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Thrift Shopping From Home

Thrift Shopping From Home

Grab your charge cards and gear up for some good old consignment shopping! It used to be that the ever-searching bargain hunter had to traipse from thrift store to thrift store and spend countless hours flipping through racks upon racks of used clothing. Why? The thrill of the find, of course! Unless gorgeous vintage designer duds were passed down to you from your mother or grandmother, thrift shopping was the only way to score these classic treasures. Not anymore!

Today we have online mega sites that allow us to do our thrift shopping from the comfort of our own home! These sites have made it possible to avoid browsing through items that you don’t like to find the ones that you do. Some people may ask, “Where’s the fun in that?” Just like online shopping in general, it’s always fun to make a purchase and have the anticipation of waiting for the item to arrive at your doorstep!

Ready to give it a try? Read on to gather some info on some of the biggest online consignment shops, and then get to clicking!


Poshmark exploded onto the scene in 2011 and has since grown into a consignment giant with over 25 million items for sale on any given day. Whether you’re into a brand that supplies the basics, such as GAP, or ultra-high-end luxury a la Maison Martin Margiela is your thing, you can find it on Poshmark. You can search items by brand, size, color, price, condition, and even by the seller. Find something you love but don’t think it’s worth what the seller is offering? The Poshmark website and app (that’s right, there’s also an app!) lets you make an offer to the seller!


thredUp boasts itself as the largest online thrift store in the world, and we aren’t going to challenge that! Launched in 2009 out of San Francisco, this thrift shopper’s online mecca allows shoppers to save up to 90% on name-brand items that are new or barely used. “But, what if the part of thrift shopping I enjoy is being able to drop off my own clothes for consignment?” you may be asking.  Check out the thredUP Clean Out Bag – they’ll send you a bag, you fill it with what you no longer want and send it back, and then you get paid!


Also founded in 2009, Tradesy seems to be the best online consignment shop to check out if you’re searching for mid to high-end brand names. One feature that sets Tradesy apart from the rest is that it is strictly for women’s clothing. You can get some serious savings on this site – one of the items we viewed, a Chanel cross-body bag with no signs of wear was featured for $600. A similar bag on Chanel’s site is retailing for over $4,000!

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