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The Beauty Behind Natural Parks

The Beauty Behind Natural Parks

With Spring finally upon us (March 20th), it is important to remember to embrace the beauty around us and take advantage of all of the truly wonderful things nature has to offer. During my recent visit to Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida, I left with not only a vision of natural beauty… but I felt #BeautyFull!

Here I share my top 4 reasons why you should get up off of that couch and visit a National or State park this Spring… you’ll thank me for it:

Get Healthy

Whether or not you workout consistently; getting outside is good for everyone! A 1995 study found that that mental energy improved when looking at pictures of nature. You’ll feel less tired, and more energy to get moving! If you workout on a regular basis, visiting your local park will give you the opportunity to switch up your routine and change settings. If you’re more of a couch potato…get outside and explore to give you the opportunity to get in those steps and get moving…without even realizing it!

Learn Something, Teach Someone

Parks often offer lots of educational opportunities…sometimes unintentional.

Just a few ways you can learn from the park:
Talk to a park ranger or park volunteer
Read Educational Signs or Map Information
Study and/or look for wildlife
Take the path less traveled
Participate in an activity

These experiences will provide you with great dinner conversation, a value to teach to children, or something to take away that you may have not experienced before. My greatest adventures are always the ones that taught me something about the person I want to be…and #BeautyFull life I want to live.

Give Back

It might come to no surprise that giving back is one of the reasons on my list to visit your local park. As a philanthropist, I often choose to participate in activities or adventures that have dual purposes: to enjoy and give back. Visiting the park allows support for the community, and for the mission to keep nature beautiful.

Rejuvenate Your Mood

Did you know? Studies have shown that getting outside will help fight anxiety and depression, improve memory, reduce stress, and improve concentration! Who would have thought something as simple as walking outside would have such an impact? For my fiance and I, exploring a park is always a new adventure. We’ll meet someone new, laugh about something we see, or talk about something in a different setting.

Just Have Fun

A manatee gets up close & personal on our recent adventure!

There are plenty of exciting things that parks have to offer: exotic animals, mountains, waterfalls, springs, and more! In a recent visit to the park during a kayak excursion, we got up close and personal with a manatee! Each park offers something different…each with its own unique personality.Who knows what is in store for YOU! So have fun, relax, and enjoy… your adventure awaits!

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Tell us about it!

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