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Shanda Sumpter and The Power of Working at Home

Shanda Sumpter and The Power of Working at Home

Working online from home is much more than a trend; 79 percent of workers want to work from home at least part time, and millennials consider it the norm. Shanda Sumpter, virtual-business pace setter and bestselling author of Core Calling: How to Build a Business that Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less! says business and motherhood can meet to offer the best of both worlds.

Statistics show more workers value flexibility and are willing to sacrifice perks and pay to be able to work from home. Over 75 percent of employees who work from home earn more than $65,000 per year. Shanda (pronounced like Panda) coaches driven individuals from stay-at-home moms to CEOS on how to build virtual businesses. She lives on the coast of California with her son and partner, where she runs HeartCore Business from her oceanfront home office. But, there was a time when she had only $500 to her name.

“I will never forget the feeling of sitting on my apartment floor in Las Vegas, completely broke, unable to pay for my apartment and car—even though I wanted to—and facing the prospect of having to live with my parents back in Canada as a failure,” she recalls. “That’s when it hit me: it was time to take a risk. I took a chance and hired a mentor on credit. That risk was the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for what became my own multimillion-dollar company, HeartCore Business.”

Taking that chance has allowed her to build a company that allows her to live life on her terms. She takes time off the last week of every month and the last month of every year, and works half days the rest of the time so she can spend most of her time with her new baby, Zack.

Three Strategies for Shanda and Three Possible Strategies for You?
  • Building a virtual business can give moms freedom, this includes time travel. Why not hire a nanny or home school teacher? “We are planning to do this in a year or two,” she says. “It’s a pretty awesome life.”
  • Making healthy financial choices is a must. “Money mindsets are all messed up. People are not conditioned to make money; they are trained in school to be slaves to the system,” she says. “I’m big on being a parent that makes healthy financial choices because our kids need good role models.”
  • How about teaching kids cooperation and generosity so they too can enjoy the greater things in life, and help when the going gets tough? “I enjoy talking about how people need to stop being in competition and start helping each other,” she says. “Hard times will hit us all at least a few times in our lives. If you are a generous person you’ll make it through hard times.”