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Ramping Up Resilience

Ramping Up Resilience

Working long hours, working too hard or too fast, job insecurity, conflict and inadequate support from colleagues and managers all contribute to the stress employees feel on the job, according to new research. The study is from Australia but the factors are the same for workers everywhere—which is why we can all use help to grow more resilient, says internationally recognized speaker and author Anne Grady.

Grady’s new book titled Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience and Triumph just launched during her major TED talk on Oct. 27th. I ask: How can people build courage, strength and resilience? “Especially now, so many young people are entering the work force, their managers have to understand them and they have to be more resilient than in the past,” she says. “There are a whole new slew of challenges people are up against.”

In her talk, described as one of the best TED talks of 2016, she captivates, charms and challenge us through her amazing personal story of overcoming adversity. Here are some of her tips on how to become more resilient:

Choose Expectations Wisely
Being unhappy, frustrated, sad, or just about any other feeling, happens because our expectations and reality are out of alignment. We can’t control what’s happening much of the time, but we can certainly change our expectations.

Make Healthy Choices
Exercise regularly, get lots of sleep and stay active. It’s said so often and so adamantly because it’s true and it works.

Ask “How Can I Grow Through This?”
Resilient people challenge themselves to use their experiences as learning opportunities because they know that’s when they really grow.