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Kick Boredom with Circuit Training

Kick Boredom with Circuit Training

Need a fresh start? Wanting to change things up, or just want to work out at home? Try Circuit Training; a safe, creative, boredom-free, effective workout for most people! There are hundreds of ways to arrange circuit training exercises and grow your activity as your fitness levels increase! Circuit training is the process of using 8 to 10 strength exercises consecutively with little to no rest between exercises. These exercises are completed for a certain amount of time or number of repetitions.


Training in a circuit carries a variety of benefits for a workout regimen. You don’t need a gym to complete a circuit training session, and it is a huge time saver. Also, due to having little rest in between exercises your heart rate stays elevated leading to a greater caloric burn throughout your workout. Exercises are performed consecutively; your cardiovascular training will increase and you’ll maintain muscle mass and growth. You are maximizing your volume of work in a short amount of time because you are not taking time to rest in between each set and each exercise. You are also going through the exercises and then taking a short rest.


Circuit Training can be easily built using items around you at the gym or at home. Compose a list of exercises you can perform effectively and pick 2 from each of these categories:
Upper body
Lower body
Compound exercise

Examples of Circuit Training:

Shoulder Presses
Bicep Curl
Walking Lunges
Sumo Squats
Moutain Climbers
Jump Rope
High Knees

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