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How To Add Sun Protection into Your Routine

How To Add Sun Protection into Your Routine

We all know we need to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and sun damage, but actually doing so is another story. How and when to incorporate sun protection into your routine can be tricky as it depends on the type of sunscreen you choose and your lifestyle.

What to Apply and When?

Many care creams offer some sun protection, which is doable for daily indoor use, but if you are outdoors for over 10 minutes a day, using a SPF 30 is a must to ward off sun damage, visible signs of aging and skin cancer.

For sunscreens to provide optimal protection, it is important to know the order in which to apply your products. Physical sunscreens, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are applied after a moisturizer, as they immediately block or reflect UV Rays. In contrast, chemical sunscreens are applied before a moisturizer; they need to bond to the skin in order to work best. Waiting 20-30 minutes is suggested for best protection.

The Pevonia® Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 and YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30 are broad-spectrum sunscreens and contain both physical and naturally-sourced chemical sunscreens. They do not require the 30-minute wait period needed with chemical sunscreens alone. However, for best results, it is recommended to apply Pevonia’s sun protection products 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Best Skincare Routine with Sunscreen

With these products, simply cleanse, tone and “correct” with your desired serum or concentrate, then apply either the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 or the YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30. Most people find that these multi-function sunscreens provide adequate moisture as they contain water, natural non-comedogenic oil and antioxidants to moisturize and repair the skin. Nevertheless, if you have drier skin or prefer a dewy feel, you can incorporate a care cream as well. After applying the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30, wait two minutes and apply desired moisturizer on top. With the YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30, apply desired moisturizer first and finish with the YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30 to allow the unisphere flash action technology to work.

Although these formulas are water resistant and last longer than physical sunscreens, you must reapply after swimming or heavy perspiration. For maximum protection, towel dry first then repeat every two hours. To protect your entire body, the skin cancer foundation recommends applying two tablespoons of sunscreen before heading outdoors. Your skin will thank you.