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Green Upgrades to Implement in Your Home

Green Upgrades to Implement in Your Home

Pressing environmental issues such as air and water pollution, and global warming have pushed the debate on eco-friendly living further. If you are a green enthusiast, you definitely have to do your part in ensuring that your living doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

One of the areas you must improve is the home you live in. This is not a simple task… clean energy for the home often requires a large investment. The thing about green living though, no effort to achieve it should be considered too difficult. Every single person counts in the quest for a greener tomorrow. Here are a few green practices that you can implement in your home and make a difference today.

Rainwater harvesting system… if your home is located in a rainfall-rich area, you can install a rainwater harvesting system (RHS). With its help you will be able to utilize the rainwater, which would otherwise end up going down the drain. Collecting rainwater and storing it for later usage is a great idea to make use of this precious resource. That water is usually not fit for drinking, unless it is thoroughly filtered. Collected water can instead be used to water the garden or for cleaning around the house. Depending on the type of RHS you install and how much rainfall you collect, you may reduce your water bill by a good 50 percent, if not more.

Solar power… harnessing the power of the sun is no longer science fiction. Homes around the world can now benefit from installing solar panels, which make a fantastic addition to every household. This is not a small investment to make, but by all means it is worthy of admiration. Should you choose to install powerful solar panel system in your home, you can expect to have a return of investment in several years. Still, it is an idea worthy of consideration. What you have to keep in mind is that solar panels require some maintenance and cleaning service, to ensure optimal work.

Green cleaning… instead of breathing in the chemicals and toxic of commercial cleaners, you can resort to green cleaning solutions. Many cleaning companies have already turned their focus to developing such methods, so you should definitely follow their example. There are various recipes, which utilize the power of everyday products, such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. They make for effective home cleaning, without the drawbacks and negative side effects of other products. You will not only preserve your health and the environment, but also save money.

Reduce plastic usage… plastic is one of the main pollutants. Tons of it ends up in landfills or floating on the water of oceans. You can make a change today by giving up on using plastic containers in your home and turning to more eco-friendly alternatives. Metal, glass and porcelain make a far better job when it comes to cleaning and preserving your health. Plastic contains dangerous toxins, which can easily leak into your food when the temperatures are increased during cooking.

And of course… beauty around the home. Pevonia’s philosophy of botanical ingredients not only assists in your personal beauty, but it also captures the best of what our world has to offer. Indulge in the beauty of Earth’s botanical perks, always, with mindfulness of thanksgiving.

Implement any or all of these green suggestions today and you can call yourself a worthy eco-friendly enthusiast. Make the change today and you will be one step closer to a better future.