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Generational Skincare: Part 1

Generational Skincare: Part 1

Pevonia®’s Generational Skincare Approach

Answering The Needs of Your Skin In Your 20’s & 30’s

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Twenty-Something Skin

The term, “Fountain of Youth” literally applies to young, twenty- something skin. Youthful skin is plump, smooth and has a well spring of reparative skin stem cells to maintain its enviable dewy, natural looking appearance.

Pevonia® Essentials Skincare Collection (Dry, Combo, Sensitive, Oily, Problematic) is specifically formulated to balance the ‘hydration to lipid’ ratio. Hydration as in “water” and lipid meaning “sebum” are needed in a perfect combination to maintain this relative care free skin while in their twenties.

I will address acne here, as this age group typically experiences blemishes as the sebum production fluctuates due to hormones. Over-production of sebum attracts bacteria which contributes to the buildup of debris in the follicle or clogged pore. DIY remedies such as harsh soaps, drying astringents, aggressive peeling agents and rotary scrub brushes can further aggravate the situation, leading to further breakouts, irreversible scars or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Instead, Pevonia® recommends using a gentle enzyme exfoliation to dissolve dead skin cells while restoring the skin’s innate protective skin barrier for a clear and healthy skin.

Pevonia®’s Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream containing smoothing and brightening papaya & pineapple enzymes may be used up to 3x a week for acne conditions.


Thirty-Something Skin

Women in their thirties can boast many achievements under their belt. Thirty year olds may have graduated college, started a family or have gotten married (the average age of a first time Bride is 29 years old!). Typically in the throes of raising a family, building their career and managing a household their skin gets neglected and may shows signs of neglect. Studies show that our skin has lost 10% of collagen when we reach thirty years old….and it continues to lose 1% more collagen each year. Your skin now reflects your accumulated damage or your ‘skin report card’. Age spots, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and dark under eye circles – are all signs of how well your skin is coping with stress.

Vitamin C is the antidote to stress- including skin stress. Vitamin C is stored in your adrenals, ironically the organ that determines your innate stress response of ‘fight or flight’. Vitamin C is needed for many functions in the body such as a co-factor in building collagen, wound repair while strengthening the skin’s capillary walls in order to carry nutrients to the cells. Unfortunately, Vitamin C is not made within the body. You must get your vitamin C through foods or supplements. Also, know that Vitamin C is burned up easily through cigarette smoke, pollution, the Sun and emotional stress. Of course eating an abundance of Vitamin C foods is recommended, but your skin will benefit fast through deep, direct contact. Pevonia®s Lumablanc Cream contains #5 different proven Vitamin C sources to repair, smooth and brighten damaged, stressed out skin.


About the Author
Kim Lee
Kim Lee, ND MH

Pevonia Corporate Educator

Earning a Doctor of Naturopath degree, Master Herbalist and beauty license, Kim Lee is a sought out Educator and Consultant in the natural health and beauty industries. Crediting her proven track record to her synergistic approach of incorporating sales and education, Kim’s hands-on expertise has benefited elite spas, resorts, physicians and wellness centers world-wide. Her experience also includes the conceptualization and development of customized health, fitness, and wellness programs.

Working with prestige accounts, Kim has helped implement signature programs such as WorkFit!; Body, Mind and Baby; Savvy Sales Speak ; Model Teen and most recently, a well-fit menu for fitness clubs. Kim’s belief is that the spa industry is perfectly poised to lead the movement of natural healing of ourselves and our planet.

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