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Fitness Tips to Help You Achieve Success

Fitness Tips to Help You Achieve Success

Ready for your cheat-sheet for today? Let’s bring our focus toward fitness. So many of us stress at the thought of working out. But why? Perhaps we aim to get fit in less than 24 hours and truthfully, this is not realistic. Let’s do it the right way, shall we?

Get your workout in first thing in the morning before work or other obligations. This will help you stick to the plan and allow you to say yes when the gang invites you out to happy hour. Sure, setting your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual in the morning may be hard, but the payoff will be worth the results.

Get a workout buddy that you will be accountable to. Just make sure they are motivated to get fit, too. If your buddy repeatedly cancels or always wants to cut the workouts short, gracefully find a new buddy.

Make going to the gym or going on a run as automatic as brushing your teeth. You don’t ask yourself if you should do that, we hope! Don’t get into the debate with yourself of whether you should go to the gym, or not. You are going, no matter what.

Sneak in a little extra. Park at the far end of the parking lot and take the stairs whenever possible. When catching up on your favorite shows, rather than fast forwarding through commercials, do a chore or quick exercise to keep your metabolism stoked. Did you know simply standing burns more calories than sitting? When doing laundry, walk and fold as you put away every item. At work, walk to your coworker’s desk versus sending a minor e-mail to discuss a simple task. Sure, these tips may take a little longer, but the added tweaks will raise your body’s metabolic rate and keep those pesky extra pounds away.

Remember: Short term pain for long term gain! Tell yourself you can do anything today that you don’t have to do for a lifetime. Tell yourself the same thing tomorrow and the day after that, and before you know it, a month will have gone by and the habit will be firmly ensconced. Oh… and make sure to add some aromatherapy to your new on-the-go-fitness lifestyle. Everyone prefers to grab a whiff of joy versus something else.

When you’re done with your workout try our BodyRenew™ Bundle – Pineapple & Coconut, use the bubble bath as your shower gel and finish with the delectable moisturizer to help aching muscles. No time for a bath? Use the bath salts as a scrub in the shower!