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Corporate Values

Corporate Values

One of the goals of Live.Beauty.Full is to be provide articles and resources that will enhance these elements within your beauty-FULL life, but most of all, help you strengthen your journey toward a better you. May is Mental Health Month, and in our call of duty to provide awareness, we have asked Coach Maggie to venture with us by answering your questions and concerns regarding your mind’s health, and most of all, what causes you to have stress. Today we focus on corporate values and its effect. And, to get your question answered, please send us an email to and place #AskCoachMaggie on the subject line.

Q: I need your help on how to get all my employees on the same page when it comes to my company values. I’ve posted 2 large posters for the last 6 years (since I bought the company) that talk about our values. I talk about our values once a quarter during our quarterly meetings and I try to walk the talk every minute I’m in the company. My values are: Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. I recently surveyed my 17 employees and only seven got them right 100 percent. The rest knew some of them! Some employees have been with me for 19 years, others only six months. What else can I do to get all of us on the same page? Thank you. —David, Miami

A: David, you are to be commended for your efforts to share and encourage your Corporate Values with your employees. These values are clearly important to you. As you explained, some of your employees understand and others have not taken ownership of them; which explains the stress you may be feeling.

Let’s Talk About… Ownership
How do you pass along values to your staff? You’ve already begun the process by visibly posting them and sharing quarterly. The most important thing being that you are modeling it through your own actions. Well done.

In a coaching relationship I would ask the question, “Is it that they can’t recite them or that they are not modeling them?” Given the knowledge at hand, let’s focus on a few recommendations that would move them toward making these values “personal” to their role within the company.

Consider an acronym to make it easier to remember:

Include the values discussion as part of their employee evaluation.

Invite your employees to give examples of how they might apply them in their day-to-day roles.

Relate the values to their performance feedback.

Consider a peer recognition process—catch your fellow worker modeling corporate values. Make a big deal about it; celebrate

During the quarterly meetings welcome discussion around the challenges involved when trying to live up to our values. Share success stories as well.

Consider a value-of-the-month campaign…Be creative; make it memorable.

From “My” Company Values to “Our” Company Values…
Investing in your people yields guaranteed results. Write back next quarter and let us know how you’ve progressed. —Coach Maggie