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Best Beauty Products For Acne

Best Beauty Products For Acne

Despite the fact that there is no cure for acne, addressing each of the different causes and triggers can effectively treat and control this skin disease. The right products, practicing daily cleanliness, seeing an esthetician or dermatologist, plus eliminating or avoiding acne triggers (stress, poor food choices, etc.) can help alleviate the symptoms of acne.

How to Choose the Right Acne-Solving Skin Products?

The goal to prevent future breakouts and heal existing lesions can be achieved with consistent use of the right products. Select products that remove excess oil, exfoliate dead skin and fight bacteria plus reduce inflammation; heal; calm; hydrate; reduce redness and prevent scarring. The right products need to contain the best acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, sulfur and Vitamin A. Research and make sure the ingredients used come from natural sources and are properly formulated for the safety of the skin.

Additional ingredients that help treat acne include: allantoin; aloe vera; arnica; beta glucan; burdock root; calendula; chamomile; citrus oils; clays; enzymes; horse chestnut; jojoba wax beads; micronized walnut shell powder; panthenol; propolis; safflower oil; triclosan; witch hazel bark and zinc.

Pevonia®, known for their top botanical ingredients and selective formulations, provides a selection of products to heal and treat acne-prone skin. The Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser; Problematic Skin Care Cream; Spot Treatment; SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Cleanser; SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Toner; SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Moisturizer; SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Blemish-B-Gone (available all together in our SpaTeen® Blemished Skin Home Care Kit) Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Power Repair® Intensifier – Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active, Power Repair® Micro-Pores™ Refine Cream, Power Repair® Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active Mask and Soothing Propolis Concentrate are ideal for those battling with acne.

For best results, consistently cleanse, tone, apply spot treatments and moisturize twice daily, without exception to help banish acne. It’s vital to use products designed to work together as products may “overlap” their actives and expose the skin to too much of a single ingredient. For matters of the skin, more is not always better and patience is key. Allow four to six weeks for products to work, and apply an SPF of 30 with acne products and treatments as they can cause the skin to be more susceptible to the sun’s damaging rays.

We recommend avoiding beauty products with synthetic ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol, which can over dry the skin; and pore clogging oils like mineral oil, petroleum, or petrolatum, which clog pores and are notorious for causing breakouts. Also, avoid products with too high concentrations as they may cause redness and irritation. Pevonia refrains from formulating with these controversial ingredients and sources all of their ingredients from natural sources, plus uses special manufacturing technologies to minimize irritation associated with other acne products while boosting their effectiveness.