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Be Bold and Beauty Full…Everyday

Be Bold and Beauty Full…Everyday

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived a life raised by powerful, headstrong, determined, beautiful women; or maybe it’s because I’ve sadly experienced how women should not be treated to know that being bold was never my choice. Being BOLD meant getting up each day and fighting to be my best, always being heard, and never letting anyone tell me that I couldn’t do something, wasn’t good enough, or wasn’t important – no matter the gender, race, or belief.

On International Women’s Day, women (& men!) across the globe are asked to take the pledge and find a way to #BeBoldForChange. Being BOLD means educating, challenging, donating, volunteering, or speaking out… no matter your gender, race, or belief for equality. Because the truth about feminism is to strive for the equality of all. We shouldn’t however, make being BOLD mean that we take a stand for what we believe in just one day of the year… being BOLD means to actively stand up and do something about it.

Here are just a few ways you can actively #BeBoldForChange:

See Something, Say Something, Do Something… and Make It Count

Have you ever watched ABC’s “What would you do?” hidden camera show? The show, for those of you that have not watched it, places ethical and moral conflict (and sometimes illegal activity) on camera and waits for the public to react to the situations that unfold. The show always outraged me at the idea that there are people “out there” that will not stand up for something they believe is wrong. In my family, ignoring such behavior meant that you were okay with it. In today’s society, there are plenty of channels for us to “see something, say something”, but while I still believe in the What would you do? philosophy…I choose when, where, and how I say things. Choosing a 3 paragraph rant on Facebook might make you feel good about standing up against gender bias…but will it actually make an impact on your cause? Instead, be the force behind inclusion in the workplace and talk to your HR department, fund a scholarship towards advancement of women’s education, educate younger siblings, cousins, or friends about the importance of healthy relationships, or speak out to educate about violence.

Be Brave, Let Confidence Shine

Sometimes… life can be scary. We (as women) can sometimes find ourselves in situations that can make us uncomfortable, uneasy, or just downright terrified. Not because we’re not capable, or because it’s our fault, but because maybe we’re the first of our kind to accomplish something, reach new heights, or make a change for the better. In these situations, I channel my inner Beyoncé or ask What would mom do? Find a role model, or great woman before you and think about how that person might handle the situation. Know that you can make a change and do it for the better.

Be a Cheerleader or a Mentor

We all know some great women. Maybe they didn’t invent the Hot Water Heater, the Chocolate Chip Cookie, or the Windshield Wiper (all women’s inventions!) – but they have done some pretty amazing things…and they could all use a little support and encouragement to reinforce how wonderful they are. Help them be bold and show them your support… in good times, and in bad!

I know I sometimes need a reminder myself – but the Live.Beauty.Full. ethos means finding beauty deep within our soul. To love, and to know we should not compare ourselves to others. We are all unique, we all have the ability to shine bright…to find kindness within. We are just as able to do things as anyone else -regardless of gender, race, or background.