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Affirm This… No Fear

Affirm This… No Fear

Running a business is hard work and when tough times come for entrepreneurs, it can be all too easy to base next-step decisions on fears rather than hopes and aspirations. Business mentor and serial entrepreneur Allison Maslan teaches how to flip the switch on fear-based thoughts and instead embrace the possibility of success in her new book, Blast Off!: The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality.

How to Flip the Switch?

Flipping the switch on fear-based thinking is about first identifying your own fearful beliefs that are coming up to challenge you. Once you’ve identified these, practice reframing them into something positive that will propel your life and business forward in a helpful direction. Here are some examples of fear-based thoughts and how to reframe them into helpful affirmations to help you overcome your toughest entrepreneurial moments:

Fearful thought: “I’m struggling to make money. I’m barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck.”
Hopeful affirmation: “Money is always available to me and my bank account is growing every day.”

Fearful thought: “Trying that new idea is too risky. I might fail.”
Hopeful affirmation: “I enjoy challenging myself because I know I can achieve anything I set my mind on doing.”

Fearful thought: “My competitor is having much more success than I am. I can’t make this work.”
Hopeful affirmation: “Opportunities for growth and success are falling into my lap on a daily basis.”

Fearful thought: “I feel stuck. I don’t know where to go from here.”
Hopeful affirmation: “I have so many options. I give myself the space to choose which one best contributes to my success.”

Place the affirmations you come up with somewhere you can see them every day and read them throughout the day so they are absorbed on both a conscious and unconscious level. Ready to get started?

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