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A Valentine’s Date to Remember

A Valentine’s Date to Remember

Valentine’s Day is a Celebration of Love!

Love is the most amazing feeling, it’s what makes us human.

No matter your situation — married, dating, or single, you should celebrate Valentine’s day with someone you love. That could be a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant or ordering in and binge-watching rom-coms. Going out with the girls and hitting all the hot spots is always a blast and you just might meet next year’s Valentine’s date! All scenarios sound pretty good, but I can’t help remembering one of my favorite Valentine’s Day with just me and my eighth grader.

First we hit the spa

We chose a spa that carried Pevonia products and that offered facial treatments for all skin types and concerns. Some of the Pevonia facial treatments that were geared to my age included:

  • Luminous “C” and “Sea” – Vitamin C addresses sun-damage/hyperpigmentation. Dull skin is refreshed and hydrated. All skin types.
  • Lumafirm Repair Cream-Lift and Glow  A boost for skin showing signs of ageing. Skin will appear tighter, brighter and more youthful. All skin types.
  • Ultimate Anti-Aging – Collagen, Retinol and Elastin help deliver a smoother appearance to the skin surface and protects skin’s natural cells.
  • Myoxy- Caviar, Marine Collagen and Elastin repair and smooth skin for a more youthful look.

We had massages and a super healthy spa lunch then headed home to get ready for the evening.

Let the primping began!

Now when I tell you that this 13-year-old likes to “pamper” herself, I’m not using the word lightly. Her skincare regimen and bathing rituals are like that of Cleopatra! Every inch of her is masked, wrapped, moisturized, oiled, fanned, fed grapes and . . . well, you get my drift. She has all the best names in cosmetics, hair care, and skin care. She does a mask at least twice a week and her go to’s are the Pure Skin Charcoal Mask and the Bright Skin Green Apple Mask. The SpaTeen Blemish Kit is her absolute must-have for breakouts and blemishes and works like a miracle to keep her face clear. It comes with a Blemish-B-Gone spot treatment that she carries in her backpack in case clogged pores should arise. She also loves the LipRenew Lip Plump for the perfect selfie pout.

Getting Ready for the Big Night

I always ask her to do my make-up because it’s like having a mini James Charles in the house! I had her use the YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF 30 as my foundation, it’s lightweight, ultra-hydrating, and instantly brightens, giving the skin a luminous glow. For my eye prep, she used the Lumafirm Eye Contour – Lift & Glow which works like magic — you can see that it lifts and firms the fragile skin around your eye immediately. I literally wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

When we finally got back home …

Our 18lb. Pomeranian was staring down the end of his nose waiting for his doggie bag.  He had an in-home spa treatment earlier that day using Pet Caress products. Pet Caress is natural and gently cleanses, treats and soothes irritated skin. It restores their healthy, lustrous coat and they have so many great products for both dogs and cats like the Holistic Healing Paw & Nose Balm and the Itch-Be-Gone Shampoo for Sensitive Skin.

To end, who knows what the upcoming Valentine’s Day holds for us, but no matter the plan, Valentine’s Day is for spending time with someone who makes you laugh out loud, understands what you’re thinking without saying a word, and melts your heart. That can come in the form of tall, dark and handsome, four-legged and furry, or a pint-size eighth grader with razor-sharp wit and a heart as big as the moon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!